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Hahn Vidal

Hahn Vidal: Hahn Vidal

Hahn Vidal


1919 - present

Margarita Hahn Vidal, known most commonly as Hahn Vidal, is recognized worldwide for her oil paintings of flowers.

She was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1919. After marrying Argentinean artist Eduardo Couce Vidal, she moved to New York, where her painting became more vibrant and she began perfecting her knife painting technique.

By adding knife strokes in three stages, Vidal gives her paintings depth, texture and highlight. The reflection of light lends each piece a distinct moodiness. She is continually inspired by gardens and floral exhibits throughout Europe, the Americas and the Far East.

The Chinese National Historical Museum honored Vidal as the first Western floral artist to exhibit officially there and thus established her as one of the worlds’ foremost painter of flowers.

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