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Patrick Kitson: Patrick Kitson

Patrick Kitson


1970 - present

Patrick Kitson’s formal art training began at the age of nine when he studied with and was influenced by three well-respected artists – sculptor Donald DeLue, painter F. Travers Neidlinger and illustrator Peter Carras—who all maintained studios near Kitson’s childhood home. These three creative professionals provided Kitson with a nurturing artistic environment that encouraged him to explore and learn without boundaries.

Kitson was fortunate to experience some of America's most treasured wilderness, and he was largely inspired by a trip to Yellowstone National Park. He developed a deep appreciation for the nobility and grace of nature, and he also began to realize his concern for environmental issues. Using his own personal perspective, he lends a "voice" to the natural world.

His compositions represent the form, light, patterns and texture he perceives in nature. He keeps his colors very simple -- his standard palette utilizes just seven basic colors—and focuses on tonal gradations and values of hues. He finds this helps to maintain a harmony in his paintings, giving the landscapes a tranquil effect while creating the illusion of a natural three-dimensionality on a two-dimensional surface.

A major influence on Kitson's work in more recent years has been the Hudson River School and the Luminist painters who followed, including John Frederick Kensett, Frederic Edwin Church and Albert Bierstadt.

Says the artist: “In my work I try to express what I feel about life and art. I believe art is eternal because through art, men have striven to conquer time by immortalizing the deeper meaning of their lives. The search for these meanings and the embodiment in enduring works of art require a profound integrity of purpose and love of craftsmanship, undistracted by the transient winds and styles of the day.”

Kitson received a BFA in Illustration from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and had his first gallery showing in Princeton, New Jersey, just one month after graduation. His work has been featured in several prestigious magazines including U.S. Art and American Art Collector, and his work has been shown at galleries and public exhibitions nationwide. He currently maintains his studio in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

--From the artist's website www.patrickkitson.com


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