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Benson Bond Moore

Benson Bond Moore: Benson Bond Moore (1882-1974)

Benson Bond Moore (1882-1974)


1882 - 1974

Benson Bond Moore was born and raised in Washington, D.C., and he spent the majority of his life painting idyllic scenes of its surrounding countryside. His entrance to the art world was through his father, who was a noted conservator and framer.

As a young boy he became fascinated with wildlife and he would often spend hours sketching animals at the National Zoo. Childhood exuberance turned into a career as Moore completed thousands of illustrations for children's publications as well as work for the Smithsonian.

While proficient at wildlife and sporting etchings and drawings, he likely derived the most acclaim for his detailed views of the Mid-Atlantic countryside. Like the great landscape painters a century before, Moore had a deep respect for his natural surroundings and strived to coexist and care for the nature around him. He would often set out on foot and "roam" the countryside, seeking the perfect inspiration for the day's painting.

Moore's habits soon became the basis for the formation of an informal group of area artists, including Winfield Clime and Charles Seaton, who called themselves "The Rambler's Sketch Club". Over time the group solidified and morphed into the Washington Landscape Club.

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