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John Stobart

John Stobart:

"Boston - Long Wharf by Midnight". Limited edition print by John Stobart.


1929 - present

It was on a voyage from London to South Africa in 1950 that John Stobart's career as a marine painter took hold. During his journey he created detailed sketches of the exotic ports he encountered, then, borrowing plans for vessels currently under construction, he was able to paint portraits of brand new ships in far-flung locales. Stobart believed shipping companies would like to have these paintings to hang in their board rooms and to use in their annual calendars. He was right. Within a few years he had gained a wide following and a good deal of commercial success.

Stobart, born in Leicester, England, began his artistic education at Derby College, then at the Royal Academy in London. He moved to Canada in 1957, then to the U.S. in the late 1960s. Highly promoted by top East Coast galleries, including several one-man shows at New York's Kennedy Galleries, Stobart quickly achieved the same level of popularity in America as he had in England, especially for his faithful representations of harbor scenes from America's "Golden Age of Sail" in the 19th Century. These paintings, which have been widely lauded for their historical accuracy, can be found in private and public collections across the country and routinely bring record-breaking prices for a contemporary marine artist.

Stobart began offering limited edition prints of his more important works in the mid-1970s through his own Maritime Heritage Galleries. The prints have achieved their own set of avid collectors, aided by a semiannual newsletter published by the artist, and a large-format book containing seventy-five portfolio prints, published in 1986.

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