A larger-than-life-size Federal-period eagle, the earliest example of an American carved eagle figurehead we have examined. Strong facial features, including a high brow, well-defined eyes and nostrils, a sharp open beak with visible tongue, taut extended neck, and the head positioned so the eye is centered at the front of the figurehead. Beautifully carved and incised feather details on neck, chest and upper portion of legs. Carved wings, tucked in close to the body, have some carved feather details but were probably intentionally more modestly carved to help minimize damage while the figurehead was at sea. Finely detailed talons clutch rocks at the base. Back of eagle with typical carved scrolls. Flat unfinished pine backboard. Mounted on a contemporary metal base. Height 41.5". Width 16". Depth 16".

  • Condition: Untouched surface showing weather exposure, including a gray driftwood-like surface with minor shrinkage cracks throughout. Old crackled surface of remaining paint and lichens. A section of the base on the left hand side is missing, effecting two of the talons; loss and wear to the base of a figurehead is common and expected. The end of the lower part of the beak has been replaced.

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